Transfer Fees Calculator

What it is

Transfer fees apply when Cyprus immovable property is sold. It is the purchaser of the immovable property who has to pay the transfer fees (unless agreed otherwise). Transfer fees are payable to the Government via the Land Registry office, during the transfer procedure.

Transfer Fees

Market Value Rate Fee Accumulated Fee
  • 1. The above transfer fees are reduced by 50% in case the purchase of immovable property is not subject to VAT.

  • 2. In the case of free transfers of property, transfer fees are calculated on the value of the property as follows:

        • from parents to children – No transfer fees apply
        • between spouses – 0,01%
        • between third degree relatives – 0,01%

  • 3. No transfer fees in case of:

       • Company reorganisations
       • Loan restructurings

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Disclaimer: This tool should only be used as a guide. Even though we try to make sure that all the values used in the calculation are up to date we cannot guarantee its validity and we shall not be held responsible for any mistakes or problems that arise with the use of this tool.