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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions before you start?

How safe is my data and personal information?

We are 100% committed to keeping your personal data secure.

1. is licensed, approved and regulated by ICPAC – the only recognized body of Accountants and Auditors in Cyprus.

2. We safeguard your data and protect your privacy by using industry-leading technology and practices.

3. We meet and exceed all rules and regulations relating to data protection (GDPR).

4. We always keep your information confidential. We do not sell and/or rent your information with any third parties.

I'm filing my tax form for the first time. Can I use

Of course you can! As long as you:

1. have a TIC – Taxpayer’s Identification Code (see below) &
2. you’re registered to TAXISnet (see below).

What is a 'TIC'?

TIC stands for ‘Taxpayer’s Identification Code’. Think of it like your personal ‘Tax Number’, given to you upon registration with the Cyprus tax office. TIC consists of 8 numbers (digits) and a CAPITAL Latin letter at the end (e.g. 01234567X). If you don’t have a TIC, click ‘How to get a TIC’ below.

How to get a TIC

What is TAXISnet?

TAXISnet is the Cyprus’ Government website people use to submit their tax form (online).

Tip: you need a ‘Tax Identification Code’ (TIC) to be able to register to TAXISnet.

Do I have to be registered to TAXISnet to use

Yes, to use you need to be registered to TAXISnet. 

If you have not registered to TAXISnet, click ‘How to register to TAXISnet’ below.

How to register to TAXISnet

Do you guys replace TAXISnet?

No, we don’t really replace TAXISnet. We still use TAXISnet to submit your tax form (instead of you using it).

Let’s quickly clarify what happens:

    1. we ask questions; targeted, quick and simple questions.

    2. your answers give us the data we need to prepare your tax form (‘behind the scenes’).

    3. your tax form is ready; you review and then submit to us.

    4. we submit your form to TAXISnet.

Simple. Right?

How do i authorise as my TAXISnet 'representative' and what does it mean?

Think of your TAXISnet representative as an agent which has the authority to submit your tax form in TAXISnet (on your behalf).

It could be your accountant, or in this case,

Authorizing us it’s simple. All you have to do is click GET STARTED (homepage) and follow the questions. At some point a short video will show you how. You can also click pdf instructions.

PS1: you only have to do it once!

PS2: should you ever decide to remove as your representative, you can either do it yourself (it’s easy and we show you how) or get in touch!

View how to authorise as your taxisnet representative!
  English Version      Greek Version

or download the user guide in PDF

I'm Self-Employed. Can I use

There are two different tax forms in Cyprus (for individuals):

  1. The tax form for Employees – i.e. for those who have a job as employees of a company, &,
  2. The tax form for the Self Employed – i.e. for those who work for themselves, without the use of a company.

The two forms are quite different!

The bad news is that if you are a ‘Self-Employed’ you can not use our tax tool. The good news is that we can ‘manually’ prepare and submit your Self-Employed tax form ourselves.

All you have to do is Get In Touch!

I'm an expat, living and working in Cyprus. Can I use

‘Yes! In fact, our tax tool is specialised for people like you.

I have been so far filing my tax form on my own, just fine. Why use

1. Your time is precious! We prepare and submit your tax form within minutes.

2. Your form is filed correctly and with no mistakes.

3. We’re there for you – every step of the process.

4. We have the ability to reduce your taxes – all tax deductions & exemptions revealed.

5. Will send reminders early on (there’s a EUR 100 penalty for late submission).

6. We are 100% secure and GDPR compliant. Your data is safe with us.

7. You have one less thing to worry about!

I'm not living in Cyprus, can I use

Of course you can! 

TIP: Non-Cyprus tax residents only have to declare their ‘Cyprus sourced’ income.

And what is 'Cyprus sourced' income?

‘Cyprus sourced’ income is any income generated in Cyprus. For example: 

1. income from renting-out Cyprus property; 
2. salary (i.e. ’employment income’) earned from a Cyprus employer;
3. pension income from Cyprus employment, etc;

Get In Touch if you need any help!

I have a complicated tax situation. Can I use


You can either use, or send us a message. We will be happy to offer a tailored-made solution that works specifically for you!

Can I use to prepare any other Country's tax form?

Tax forms of other countries are not provided within our platform. 

We do have contacts / affiliates in many different countries  though. Please Get in touch!